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Arts & Antiques on 5 & 10

Specializing in Art, Antiques, Vintage Items, Crafts, and Gifts.

Brickett and Danielle began their journey as collectors, acquiring items ranging from vintage/antique license plates to pottery and glass. They decided to turn their passion into their careers by buying the old 5 & 10 Antique Gallery and completely gutting it and renovating. Through hard work, their vision became reality and they decided they wanted more than just antiques and vintage items in their store- they wanted to show support for local businesses and artisans as well and create a center for these worlds to mix and merge. This is how Arts & Antiques on 5 & 10 came to be, and the rest is history.

717 Greenfield Rd
Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342

Weekly Showcase



Over 100 YEARS of Chinese History - Our pristine Jade Collection is extensive and beautiful!  Please visit our web site to get an idea of how beautiful this collection is.