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Bargain John Antiques

Bargain John Antiques of Lexington, NE specializes in great Victorian and turn of the Century Furniture, Victorian Art glass, Art Pottery, Mission furniture and early toys.
Bargain John Antiques

Bargain John Antiques

Bargain John’s top priority is to compile correctly with each item all the history and information that can be about that items maker, and the time period that it represents and special attention is always given and documented. 

From signed, artist paintings, and learning the life history of these artists, to furniture that was made and originally used in the Capital of the United States of America, the history that each piece represents is a very important factor in antique collecting, and this important factor of correctly documenting whenever possible the history of an item is a top priority in our nationwide search of outstanding pieces that Bargain John’s offers it’s clients. History and correct documentation is such a valuable part of the true passion of antique collecting.

700 Washington Blvd.
Lexington, Nebraska 68850
(308) 324-4576