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Car-Mel Collectibles

I love to recycle those treasures of the past and enjoy their beauty again.

Welcome to Carmel Collectibles. I am so glad you visited my shop. I love finding little and big things that tell a story of the past. I love that a collectibles or an antique was held and treasured in someone's hand and home.somehow it spoke to them and had value. Here you will find figurines, china, glass, kitchen items, beer trays, taps, coasters and glasses that someone once owned. I love to recycle those treasures of the past and enjoy their beauty again. Purchase more than one item and save on shipping. Layaway is available, ask me about it.

Carmel collectibles was started in 2005. I am happy to serve you. Researching the items I find is part of my learning curve . Please let me know if I can help you. If you know something about an item on my site, feel free to share. I love to learn, read, research to learn more. I have included some of my father's items from his collection of beer items. That was his love. Now they need a new home. Come browse the site and enjoy Montana hospitality.

I believe each piece I find speaks to someone and tells a story. I love hearing the why, what, and where of their story. That is the excitement for me finding something and spreading my love of vintage to someone else. I am Carol and I live in Montana. My shop started when I went to an estate sale of a friend who was 95 years old. She had kept lots from her past. I bought all kinds of vintage items.
I collected before that day but found a new venue, Ruby Lane, after that. I collect myself and my parents also collected. We learned together. I try to be fair with my prices and check out the market to try to give my customers great deals. I ship promptly. I am a collector myself of milkglass, Westmoreland, Fenton, kitchen items and Christmas. 

The greatest gift my folks gave me was the "want" to challenge myself to learn about the past. So come share in my fun, see what I have found. 

Carol Henckel  PO Box 276, Park City, MT 59063

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Over 100 YEARS of Chinese History - Our pristine Jade Collection is extensive and beautiful!  Please visit our web site to get an idea of how beautiful this collection is.