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Cincinnati Ohio 45252 USA

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We offer professional grade acrylic display cases, model covers and custom acrylic fabrication!

Acrylic display cases made by combining superior joint embedment clarity, cold micro polishing, quality acrylic and precision fabrication to offer you master crafted acrylic display cases of ultimate strength, beauty and value!

Rohm & Hass Co., inventors of acrylic, say this about flame polishing: "Flame polishing is a fast, economical method of polishing preferred by some fabricators but cannot be fully recommended for use on acrylic because of its tendancy to cause crazing which is often not apparent until some time after the article has left the fabricator's shop."

Our reputation for quality is backed by Angies List and Paypal's money-back guarantee!

"Dont chance your valued items in a brittle rough edged flame polished display case! Get the most for your money! Diamond-Edge", cold-finishing is recognized as the finest acrylic display case finish in the world!

Master Fabricator With 39 Years’ Experience

Superior Lifelong Dependable Quality

Our Customer Satisfaction Rating Is 99.96%

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