Jeanne’s Antiques

Jeanne's Antiques is Family Owned & has been in business for almost 50 years. It is located 1 mile East of Crofton, Nebraska right along Highway 12. Featuring fine furniture, housewares, and more.
Jeanne antiques

Quality Oak, Walnut & Pine Furniture, Crocks, Churns, Roseville, Hull, Watts, Carnival, RS Prussia, Royal Bayreuth, Jewelry, Silverware & Sets, Clocks, Celluloid Dresser Boxes, Hardware, Primitives, Leaded Windows, Kerosene Lamps, Hanging Fixtures, Old Shades for Fixtures, Victorian Pictures, Salesman Sample Items, Religious Items, Dollies, etc

55296 HWY 12 
Crofton, NE 68730 
Phone: 402-388-4631.
Web site:

Weekly Showcase

Cast-iron shooting gallery target

Classic Shooting Gallery Targets

Legendary collection of vintage shooting gallery targets takes center stage at Soulis Auctions in September. Early collectors Richard and Valerie Tucker embraced the targets, calling them 'iron as art.'