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Costume Jewelry Show Rounds Out 'Jewelry Week' on Ruby Lane

Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l (CJCI) will host a weekend-long online fundraiser show and sale as part of Ruby Lane’s “Jewelry Week” promotion in mid-October. Jewelry Week promotions featuring both fine jewelry and costume jewelry start Oct. 12 and wrap up Oct. 16-18 with the CJCI online show.
Publish date:, a premier destination for online antique and vintage jewelry shopping, will be highlighting the sparkling pieces listed on the site as part of “Jewelry Week” beginning on Oct. 12. Both fine jewelry dealers and costume jewelry sellers have prepped for the event by adding inventory perfect for gifting and collecting.

A select group of sellers will also be participating in the first-ever Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l October Online Show & Sale the weekend of Oct. 16-18 hosted by Ruby Lane. Sellers participating in this special fundraising show are members of the Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l LLC (CJCI) community and/or Ruby Lane sellers.

Moving the Show Online

After CJCI Convention 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19, the organizers decided to move the show and sale portion of their event online with the help of Ruby Lane. The online show promotes the goal of global jewelry collecting with dealers from the United States as well as England, France, Israel, and Canada participating.

Holding a virtual show and sale will also open the event up to more buyers than ever. Anyone with internet access can shop during the show by visiting

Costume Jewelry Collector’s Int'l October Show & Sale

Costume Jewelry Collector’s Int'l October Show & Sale

“While we always have attendees from other parts of the world at our conventions held in Providence, Rhode Island, other shoppers are usually limited to those within driving distance of the venue,” said Pamela Wiggins Siegel, co-founder of CJCI. “Moving the show online allows us to truly offer an international show to the collecting community.”

Show Supports Online Resources

What makes this online show even more unique is that 100 percent of the dealer “booth” fees are supporting CJCI’s Education Fund. A portion of each sale during the event will also help fund CJCI’s general operating budget.

Unlike many other collecting organizations, CJCI does not charge a membership fee. The operating budget for the CJCI website, which serves as an educational resource for anyone doing costume jewelry research online, is funded through holding events and donations (not tax-deductible) from supporters.

One of the most important resources on the CJCI website is the Researching Costume Jewelry Marks Guide (RCJ Marks Guide). This extensive A-Z listing of costume jewelry marks is available free of charge as are all of the articles and guides offered on the CJCI site. Moving the RCJ Marks Guide to the CJCI website last year depleted much of the community’s Education Fund. The Ruby Lane show will help recoup some of those funds so more educational features can be added to the site in the future.

“Without the support of those who use and value our resources, we couldn’t afford to keep them online securely. We very much appreciate the support shown to us by Ruby Lane, all of the dealers participating in the show, and the shoppers we’ll be welcoming as well,” said Melinda Lewis, co-founder of CJCI. “It’s shaping up to be a really fun online show!”

Siegel and Lewis invite all who are interested in learning about the CJCI community to subscribe to their mailing list through the CJCI website.