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Lacantus Auction & Antique Store LLC

The prestigious Collection of Exquisite Collectibles and Objects are a Portrait of LACANTUS Philosophy. The only place where you will find Beautiful Designs, High-Class Materials, High-End Brands, Unique and Extremely Rare Objects and an extraordinary variety of creations of the human intellect, from the finest craftsmanship or creators from different periods of times.

Lacantus Auction & Antique Store is a sales and online auction business specialized in providing all kinds of objects of the highest quality and value due to their rarity, uniqueness, design, material, originality, brand, or age (vintage or antique), to exclusive collectors, specific customers in the field of decoration, or any person or entity that values ​​appropriating exceptional objects for their beauty or authenticity.

Lacantus Auction & Antiques Store also provides a space for sellers on its platform, whether they are artists or have unique objects of high value (jewelry, watches, gems, etc.) that they wish to sell online or through auctions.