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Lubricite Finishes

77 Lubricite’s proprietary formula is a shellac-based padding lacquer that is used for French Polishing and fine wood and leather repairs.
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77 Lubricite is ready to use with NO mixing necessary. Low odor makes it great for on-site projects. Apply using the French Polish Technique for wood. Dries quickly in between coats. Fills-in & smooths out surface scratches & imperfections. Mixes with Aniline/Mineral powders & our solvent-based stains. Compatible over any finish. 77 Lubricite™ can be applied over: Raw wood or newly stained wood, Existing Finishes such as shellac or lacquer, New or old leather.

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Please check out our YOUTUBE channel where you will find videos on how 77 Lubricite™ is used for French polishing, restoring, and repairs. 

77 Lubricite Benefits:

*Works on any wood type and atop any new or existing finish.

*Mix 77 Lubricite™ with dry powders for repairs/scratches/touch-ups

*Perfect for on site work with no offensive odor

*Drys in minutes

*Pads on smooth with thin layers producing a beautiful finish

*Diminishes imperfections while building the finish

*Add color to any piece by mixing 77 Lubricite™ with our alcohol stains

*Compatible with leather or leather top tables

77 Lubricite has been sitting quietly for decades and is Time Tested - See it’s history at

Lubricite Finishes also carries other upscale coatings that were originally formulated by our family’s former coatings manufactuer/distributror Industrial Finishing Products, Brooklyn NY. We ship anywhere in USA. If you would like to purchase 77 Lubricite, or any of our other products, please email or call us at         888-659-5529. We would love to answer any questions you have.

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