Nacoochee Village Antique Mall

Nacoochee Village Antique Mall in Helen, GA is open 7 days a week with 50 dealers and 7,000 sq. ft. of space.
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Located in the Historic Nacoochee Village across from Nora Mill, Nacoochee Village Antiques is showcased in the 1876 Martin House. We invite you to discover treasures and history in Helen’s largest, unique Antique Mall. Create tomorrow’s heirlooms while you furnish a home, give a gift, add to a collection, or start a new one.


Before you leave, we bet you will say one of these phrases . . . “What is that?” “I threw one of those away.” “Mom had one just like that.” “It’s perfect.” “I have been looking for this for years.” “I remember those.”

Stop by and see that Nacoochee Village Antiques is truly an adventure with 50 dealers in 7,000 square feet of space. Open 7 days a week year round!

7091 South Main Street
Helen, GA 30545

Weekly Showcase

Cast-iron shooting gallery target

Classic Shooting Gallery Targets

Legendary collection of vintage shooting gallery targets takes center stage at Soulis Auctions in September. Early collectors Richard and Valerie Tucker embraced the targets, calling them 'iron as art.'