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Ralph DeLuca

Serious collector paying Top Dollar for Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, Window Cards, Film Stills, Hollywood Photography, and Concert Posters. Buying All Sizes, Any Condition. Will buy entire collections. Finder’s fees offered. Don’t do anything with your posters until you at least call me!

Specializing in vintage movie posters, Ralph DeLuca is a prolific collector and a professional appraiser of memorabilia of all types. He offers free appraisals for items ranging from vintage movie posters and antique lobby cards to concert posters, baseball cards, and photography. He has the knowledge to help you understand the value of your vintage items, and will help you capitalize on their value. No one will pay you more for your memorabilia.

2550 E Desert Inn Road #224
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(800) 392-4050

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Over 100 YEARS of Chinese History - Our pristine Jade Collection is extensive and beautiful!  Please visit our web site to get an idea of how beautiful this collection is.