ROAN Inc. Auctioneers & Appraisers

A family owned and operated auction house in Cogan Station, Pennsylvania that's been in operation for 75 years!
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ROAN Inc. is experienced in selling Real Estate, Firearms, Jewelry & Coins, Entire Estates, General Antiques and Specialty Collections.  Roan Inc. has been recognized for include selling more 'Severin Roesen' paintings than any other auction house; holding a record for the highest amount realized at auction for the 'Jonah & The Whale' on a pedestal mechanical bank and selling the home and contents of the Betty James Estate, purveyor of the Slinky toy. ROAN Inc. is equipped to handle any auction, big or small!

3530 Lycoming Creek Rd, Cogan Station, PA 17728

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Weekly Showcase

U.S. Navy Mark V mixed gas diving helmet

Diving Danger for Sale

Rare 'Widow Maker' diving helmet that helped daring divers survive rescue missions in incredible ocean depths comes to auction at Nation's Attic.