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The American Bell Association

Founded in 1940, the ABA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with members located in the United States and 20 other countries.
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The American Bell Association International, Inc. (ABA) is organized for educational and scientific purposes related to the collection, study, preservation, restoration, and research of all kinds of bells. Carnival glass bell made by Fenton Art Glass Company We were formed in 1940 by a group of people who enjoyed collecting and learning about bells. They were intrigued by the various characteristics of bells including appearance, sound, shape, use, and history. This enthusiasm continues today! Bell collections vary depending on member interest, i.e., bells made of brass, bronze, ceramic, glass, crystal, porcelain, wood, and less traditional materials. We’re not just for bell collectors, however.

Our ‘Bell Talk’ Forum provides a place to share knowledge and ask questions on topics such as Big Bells; Small Bells; Foundries, Manufacturers and Artisans; Repair, Restoration, Parts and Cleaning; Bells in Museums and Public Places. Free registration is required if you want to post on the forum and is open to ABA members as well as non-ABA members.

The many local chapters of the ABA are listed by geographic area on our Chapters page. You will be able to contact the chapter most convenient to you there. 

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