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Vintage Village Antique Mall

51 dealer antique mall, 5,000 square feet of quality antiques & collectibles, Open daily 10-7 - Free parking, Dealers welcome Visa, Discover, Master Card accepted 1,000’s of items listed for sale on our Facebook page
Vintage Village

Vintage Village Antique Mall is conveniently located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. With a large variety of items to choose from, Vintage Village Antique Mall will provide the key to unlock the past! ANTIQUE DEALERS are ALWAYS WELCOME and GIFT CERTIFICATES are available if you are unsure what would make the perfect gift! 

2425 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

Phone: (402) 742-0063, Email:

Weekly Showcase



Over 100 YEARS of Chinese History - Our pristine Jade Collection is extensive and beautiful!  Please visit our web site to get an idea of how beautiful this collection is.