Antique Trader's directory of antique stores, antique malls and auction houses in Virginia.

Strasburg Emporium Antiques, Virginia.

Strasburg Emporium Antiques

With 60+ dealers and 52,000 square feet of space, there's something for everyone and items for every budget and taste including old favorites plus specialties like vintage jewelry, rare coins, historic militaria, and unique functional furniture.

Williamsburg Antique Mall, Virginia.

Williamsburg Antique Mall

The Williamsburg Antique Mall has over 300 dealers occupying 45,000 square feet, and offers everything from vintage jewelry to exquisite antique furniture.

Weekly Showcase

Cast-iron shooting gallery target

Classic Shooting Gallery Targets

Legendary collection of vintage shooting gallery targets takes center stage at Soulis Auctions in September. Early collectors Richard and Valerie Tucker embraced the targets, calling them 'iron as art.'