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Warson Woods Gallery

For 25 years, Warson Woods Antiques Gallery has been recognized as the place to shop for antique, vintage, and collectible objects. Each of our 150 dealers takes great care in creating beautiful displays to make your shopping experience a delight.

You’ll find plenty to inspire you in our 30,000 square-foot showroom. There’s something different to see every day. Each dealer has a guiding passion for items they bring to our store. For some, it’s an interest in antiques of a particular era, or for the highest-quality vintage pieces. Many of our dealers are gifted designers too, experts on how to make an ordinary living space into a visually stunning room.

10091 Manchester Road, St. Louis MO 63122

Weekly Showcase



Over 100 YEARS of Chinese History - Our pristine Jade Collection is extensive and beautiful!  Please visit our web site to get an idea of how beautiful this collection is.