Antique Trader's directory of antique stores, antique malls and auction houses in Wisconsin.


Antique Mall of Tomah

The Antique Mall of Tomah features over 60 antiques dealers selling coins, jewelry, postcards, military, furniture, glassware, toys, tools and more. There is also the Cranberry Country Mall, offering upscale gifts and crafts, and Wildes Art Gallery, which features work by more than 40 Wisconsin artists.

Columbus Antique Mall, Wisconsin.

Columbus Antique Mall

Wisconsin's largest antiques mall offers more than 400 booths of a broad range of antiques, collectibles, glassware, pottery, china, used books, furniture and more, sold by more than 200 dealers.

Just a Little Bit Country, Wisconsin.

Just a Little Bit Country

Just a Little Bit Country specializes in 18th and 19th century New England furniture, antiques and accessories, which include period lighting, classic colonial upholstered furniture, and fine reproductions.

Weekly Showcase

Cast-iron shooting gallery target

Classic Shooting Gallery Targets

Legendary collection of vintage shooting gallery targets takes center stage at Soulis Auctions in September. Early collectors Richard and Valerie Tucker embraced the targets, calling them 'iron as art.'