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6 times Super Bowl memorabilia drove bidding battles at auction

The legacy of the Super Bowl is more than five decades in, and is marked with memorable moments, championship play, and coveted Super Bowl memorabilia. Here are six examples of championship memorabilia....

Super Bowl LII is here, and people from all corners of the country and locations abroad are preparing to tune in for the big game and to enjoy music performances by P!nk and Justin Timberlake.

Eye on Super Bowl Memorabilia

It’s also a contest that dealers, auction house specialists, and collectors will be watching with an eye toward the future. History shows memorabilia and collectibles related to past championship games can bring serious dollars at auction. With that in mind, we’ve gathered information about six times Super Bowl memorabilia prompted bidding battles during auctions presented by Heritage Auctions.

 All photos courtesy Heritage Auctions,

All photos courtesy Heritage Auctions,

This Super Bowl I Championship ring presented to Jerry Kramer, an offensive guard with the Green Bay Packers, following the Packers win over the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 during the 1967 game. The ring, one of only 45 rings made, sold for $125,475 during a February 2016 auction presented by Heritage Auctions.

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This complete set of tickets from the first 50 NFL Super Bowls, 1967-2016, all PSA graded, is an example of an item of the ‘Holy Grail’ of NFL memorabilia. The set commanded $54,970 during a February 2016 auction at Heritage Auctions.

Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

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For fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the most iconic moments in modern sports history may be 18 seconds of Super Bowl XLII in 2009.

The moment involved the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kurt Warner guiding the team in its march downfield. It was the first half of the game and it was drawing to a close. The Cardinals were on the Steelers two-yard line, and Warner went to work. From the shotgun he let the ball fly toward wide receiver Anquan Boldin. However, before it reached its destination Steelers linebacker, James Harrison leaped in front of the pass. Following the interception, Harrison, donning game gear including this helmet, headed the opposite direction covering the entirety of the field, scoring a touchdown after the 100-yard run. The Steelers would go on to defeat the Cardinals 27-24. During an October 2012 auction at Heritage Auctions the helmet sold for $53,775.

Scene-Capturing Super Bowl Memorabilia

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This original oil on panel by celebrated artist LeRoy Neiman depicts the victorious moment during Super Bowl XXIII when Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana fires a ten-yard touchdown throw to John Taylor with 39 seconds on the clock, while Roger Craig and Jerry Rice look on. The touchdown was followed by a successful extra point. This kick put the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl history as the winners of Super Bowl XXIII in 1989. The painting realized $40,630 during a February 2016 auction at Heritage Auctions.

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Super Bowl IV in 1970 saw the Minnesota Vikings face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the Vikings entered the championship game as 13-point favorites, the Chiefs with Curley Culp at defensive tackle, dominated the game, with a final score of 23-7.

This Super Bowl IV trophy, presented to Hall of Fame player Curley Culp, sold for $28,680 during a November 2014 sale at Heritage Auctions.

Dressed to Win

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New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms wore the blue mesh jersey pictured here during Super Bowl XXI in 1987. The game represented the Giants first Super Bowl victory.

The jersey bears a memorial patch in honor of Giants legend Carl “Spider” Lockhart, who died at the age of 43 as a result of cancer. Simms’ number “11” was later retired from the Giants wardrobe. During a February 2016 auction through Heritage Auctions this championship game-worn jersey sold for $26,290

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