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Collectors, dealers preserving pieces of history

A recent post we made on Facebook thanking all of you antiques collectors and dealers out there, who are doing your part to protect and preserve pieces of history, yielded some wonderful responses. So many, as a matter of fact, we had to share:

John Lewis: Trying to do my part saving antique coffee grinders and other farmhouse antiques. I’m the only person I know who has an old work bench, an antique corn sheller, and an antique factory cart in my living room, along with all the other things that catch my eye. :) I love the utilitarian, farmhouse-type antiques. (Editor’s note: John’s not kidding, as the photo at left shows the antique corn sheller in his living room; some of his coffee grinders are shown in the other photo.)

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Tonya Morgan: With things made that break so quickly, it’s nice to surround ourselves with items that have not only lasted the test of time, but are quality, beautiful, and many times unique. And these items will last us for as long as we own them.

Rachael Macko: Thank You! The Antique Traderwas always in our house growing up and as young as 10, I was looking for vintage Barbies in the ad section (I looked out for the postman every month for my Antique Trader)! I now work full time buying, selling, and decorating with antiques and vintage furniture, home decor, jewelry and clothing. No stone is left un-turned!

 The bed and kitty of Lora Lee Perez.

The bed and kitty of Lora Lee Perez.

Lora Lee Perez: Just purchased this weekend! The bed frame not the kitty!!

Helen Blythe: The most fun, loved, interesting and addictive way of re-cycling ever <3.

Donna Heffner: Thank you. How very nice of you - we will never be wealthy, but we love what we do. Win-win for everyone: recycling at its best and making people very, very happy. Also love introducing kids to things regularly used not so very long ago. My favorite is the little girl (maybe 9) who I introduced to a venerable typewriter (still working with a ribbon), got her typing on it, returning the carriage, etc., left to help a customer. Heard her call to her mother, “Mom! Come see this, it’s so awesome - you don’t have to wait for the printout!”

Yvonda S Moulin: I work at a place where many little antique stuff is donated. And it’s so difficult to throw a piece of history away ... I will put it up for sale for a dollar before I throw it away ... I wish I could refurbish every single piece.

Amy Tatman Shannon: I don’t understand why people go on and on & brag about being “green” but they fill their homes with items made to be replaced due to shoddy manufacturing and materials. There are so many antiques and older pieces that have stood the test of time & would look better with some TLC.

Rachael Macko: Amy Tatman Shannon yessssss my biggest gripe! Then they say their home is “vintage” or “country” or “industrial” and it was all from “that category” from junk particle board and faux microfiber type companies. Gross. Be green and unique buy antiques!! Yay!

 A pair of Mel Wartenberg's glasses.

A pair of Mel Wartenberg's glasses.

Mel Wartenberg: Doing my part by restoring vintage and antique eyewear for another lifetime of use by others! #antiquesareawesome

Karen Weigert Enos: I am saving items for my kids because they do not ... hopefully they will appreciate them when I am in Antique and Collectables Heaven:))))

Tina Sinsay: I’m afraid to keep old things, for I believe they can hold onto bad energy or spirits.

Kathy Wenzel: Save the planet!!

Val Macko: Saving the planet as well as preserving history. Thank you Antique Trader for being a big part of this.

Kathy Fox: My pleasure!

Susan Kirsop: I cook with enamel ware and Pyrex. I love wondering who used it before me and what they made.

Susan E. Allen: You’re welcome!

Mary Chabot: I do my best.

Lynn Reed: It’s what I do...

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 Gina L. Owens' kitchen, above and at right, that she designed herself.

Gina L. Owens' kitchen, above and at right, that she designed herself.

Gina L Owen: People say I have an old soul, and I agree. I fill my house with furniture and artifacts that make me feel like I am truly home in my heart and soul. Every piece of furniture except for my couch is from the 1700s to early 1900s. I have just completed my kitchen in French court cupboards. I designed this myself, built & cut all the pieces for the backsplashes, walls and shelves. Hung some.of the uppers and made the cabinet above the fridge from scratch. Enjoy the pics as I enjoy my kitchen!

Carol Fedorowicz: Yay! Don’t like the thought of ruining the integrity of a piece.

Debra Sugars: It’s an amazing hobby and lifestyle! So much craftsmanship has been set aside. I’ve picked up so many great pieces, because people don’t value them, not the way that I was raised to.

Suzanne Hedien: Our pleasure!!

Nancy Abercrombie: Love family antiques!!!

JA Mulvihill: As a ‘serious history buff,’ always enjoy retro, vintage & antiques, as the items I buy may have a story, and I continue to appreciate, care & enjoy an item someone once did, as well. Thank you for sharing.

Karen Olson Howells: Antiques are really only valuable, because each has a story. Part of a life was shared with them, and there was the love of caring for them provided by (likely) numerous people. When I look at my “treasures, I see the added dimension of those whose lives it touched.

Editor’s note: If you are also doing your part to protect and preserve pieces of history, let us know. Drop us a note at Antique Trader, 5225 Joerns Drive, Suite 2, Stevens Point, WI 54481, or email us at

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