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From our Facebook friends: Antiques, collectibles are part of the holidays

In celebration of the holiday season, we recently asked these questions to our Facebook community: How do antiques and collectibles fit into your holiday season? Do you decorate your home with them? Do you ever give (or receive) antiques/collectibles as Christmas gifts?

 Courtesy of Tonya Morgan

Courtesy of Tonya Morgan

Tonya Morgan (whose Santa set is shown above): We dealers and collectors love our holidays. I collect old German ornaments, bristle trees, shiny brites and display them on a gold tinsel tree with a revolving stand. Throw in a few clip-on candle cones for good measure! I have given antiques as gifts before and a few received. A friend of mine collects antique lawn sprinklers and I found one that he didn’t have. It made a great gift!

Linda Serjeant: I love collecting antique glassware — sugar bowls, vases, jam pots, etc. and using them as candle holders. They look gorgeous.

Ginger Evans: Yes.

Kathleen Enloe Athy: My mom had a reindeer collection. I put it up every year and remember how much my mom loved them.

Mel Wartenberg: Absolutely receive antiques as gifts, or gift cards to local antique stores!

Sharlene Beckwith: Yes and yes!

Kitda Ariail: Yes we love antiques. We display antique Santas, Angels, teacups, misc ... furniture.

Lora Lee Perez: I love putting out my grandmother’s handmade Christmas doilies and the old Santas from my mother-in-law!! My husband gave me a ceramic light-up Christmas tree one year and I love it so much, it stays out year round! My granddaughter loves to change the colored bulbs around! I tend to shy away from giving antiques as gifts, most of the family do not care for the “old stuff!”

 Courtesy of Eleanor Eisley Billig

Courtesy of Eleanor Eisley Billig

Lynn Heene: Antiques are a big part of my decor, not just at the holidays. My mother-in-law use to give me pink depression glass. I actually also use it when entertaining, pairs nicely with white china.

Eleanor Eisley Billig (whose house decoration is shown at left): One of the ornaments from my childhood (paper houses my fav) & I'm 68.

Susan Lough: Antique Christmas decorations. Yes yes.

Dawn Sullivan: I have several antique and vintage ornaments and decorations and I cherish them, always decorate with them, and yes, I enjoy giving antique/vintage items as gifts as well. Jewelry, trinket boxes, old dresser trays and jars and I also give antique or vintage ornaments as gifts.

Lori Gilbert: Yes. Yes. Yes. I love things that remind me of family past, moments in time past. Anything that makes you smile and remember.

Peggy Handley: Yes, if I see something that fits a relative’s style.

Eileen M. Lepionka: I use my Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby collection — 300 PCs plus for meals and decorating.

Lynn Reed: I often give antique Christmas ornaments as wedding presents no matter the time of year. My husband and I purchased special Christmas ornaments on our honeymoon, and it’s a great memory to put them on the tree.

Nancye Gauldin Fowler: I have three Santa Clauses from the 1930s. One still winds and plays a song. They were my Grandmother’s. Memories of her in my Heart.

Dianne Barrans: I bring out my spaghetti trim holiday collection.️ Also Holt-Howard holiday pieces. Can’t forget those.

 Courtesy of Joyce Voigt

Courtesy of Joyce Voigt

Jane Eichenberger: I live vintage! Vintage and antiques play large parts in my decorating. I also give vintage and antique pieces as gifts. I rarely buy ‘new’ things.




And enjoy the history of vintage and antique pieces!

Joyce Voigt (whose decorations are shown at right): Have had these little guys for 60 years in the family.

Jeanne Hodgson: I wish I had the tree, Santa & snowman my Mum would put on her Christmas cake in the ’60s & ’70s. Vintage rather than antique I know, but I loved them. I like natural decoration, garlands and such, but would like interesting antique decorations. I have given antiques as gifts which have been well received. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Ginger Evans: Yes.

Debbie Mae: Yes, yes, and yes! Antiques and collectibles are displayed in my home throughout the year with vintage Christmas items displayed during the month of December. We are pleased to buy right and sell fair, which allows us to meet our needs all year long. We have gifted antique items to friends who have now begun collecting according to their own individual tastes and decor. I’ve yet to receive an antique Christmas gift or item for my personal collection. (Editor’s note: If she could find an antique under her Christmas tree, Debbie said it would be: “A Baccarat dresser set. Perfumes & tray. I dream big. LOL.”)

John Lewis: I got a string of lights to wrap around my coffee grinders. Truth!

Melissa Merida: Yes!

Carol Fedorowicz: Nothing gets put away.

 Courtesy of Cari Egnew

Courtesy of Cari Egnew

 Courtesy of Cari Egnew

Courtesy of Cari Egnew

Cari Egnew (whose two photos are shown above): This year just a few vintage pieces are out. On a normal year, it's full on aluminum tree, ceramic trees, kitschy plastic & Burl Ives on the hi-fi.

Toby Ramirez: Well, we live in a restored 1790 home in Maine and it’s filled with 18th and 19th century antiques. Yes we decorate with antique Christmas decorations. Unless my wife or I buy the antique gift, we do not receive them from family or friends. My wife has an antique Santa collection that numbers in the hundreds.

Joyce Giroux: I am Miss Antique. I love old, vintage, antique items, they have so much history and character. I decorate with vintage items as much as possible!

Kathleen Enloe Athy: My mom had a reindeer collection. I put it up every year and remember how much my mom loved them.

Michele E. Lupe: I have my “baby” tree topped with an Angel from the ’60s. I like vintage and antiques, tend not to buy new.

Mary Ellen Marcus: I have several antique items I put out and I only give antique items to those who understand and appreciate them!

Theresa Roberts: Love them ... use them as well as gift to those who share my appreciation.

Greg Treehuba: Decorate with them and give them as gifts!

Mary Sieber: I have received several vintage items as gifts through the years, and I treasure them all. Antiques always welcome here!