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19th century electroliers may fetch up to $975

A pair of atypical antler electroliers may top all lots during the Interiors, Glass and Ceramics auction, Jan. 28-29, at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions.

ENGLAND — A striking pair of antler electroliers, in the 19th century style, is among the varied private collection belonging to Mr John Penrose.

At the turn of the century, electroliers quickly replaced gasoliers as electricity began to light the homes of Britain. In an 1891 book Mrs J.E.H Gordon described this new lighting as; “showing up every wrinkle and line in the face. No one over the age of 18 should be asked to sit beneath such a light!” The pair of electroliers, shown here at right, is estimated to achieve $634-$975.


Penrose describes his personal taste as “wide-ranging”, as can be seen from in the pieces offered in the sale. From the Georgian period is a mahogany dressing table produced in the manner of Gillows of London and Lancaster. Gillows, founded by Robert Gillow in 1730, developed a national and then international reputation for quality furniture, outlasting the famous furniture producers of the time, Chippendale and Sheraton. The table, circa 1825, is estimated at $615 to $1,100 [Lot 328].

John Penrose has been collecting and dealing in art and antiques for more than fifty years, whilst writing about and advising clients on the renovation and decoration of period homes. His art gallery; The Dollar Street Gallery was based in a Georgian townhouse in the centre of Cirencester. As Chairman of UK based charity The Discerning Eye since 2007 Penrose currently supports the organisation in its aim to encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.

Elsewhere in the sale, from a separate collection, is an early 19th century Chamberlain’s Worcester armorial part dessert service from Nunney Court, formerly the residence of Mr Rob Walker, owner of Formula One’s highly successful Rob Walker Racing team. The service, circa 1800, is estimated at $3,300 to $4,700 [Lot 22].


The sale is on view at Donnington Priory in Berkshire, from Saturday to Wednesday, 25th - 29th January. The catalogue is available to view online at and details about online bidding with no additional premium can be found at


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