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Antique Trader issues archive at your fingertips

Today, just as it did when it began in 1957, Antique Trader keeps you abreast of the happenings in the antiques and collectibles community with unparalleled attention to detail. From entertaining and informative cover stories and intriguing and insightful columns, to thorough previews and highlights of auctions and shows, the events of the antiques marketplace are at your fingertips; especially with the archive of Antique Trader digital issues.

Collectors are collectors through and through. I don't think it matters if you collect salt and pepper shakers, comic books, Weller pottery, antique advertising items, fishing lures, or any of the million other things people collect, the collector spirit runs deep and wide.

Single copy digital issues of Antique Trader are available at

Single copy digital issues of Antique Trader are available at

An example of this collector mindset comes to light any time we receive a note, email or phone call from someone who tells us they have subscribed to Antique Trader for x number of years and have kept some of the issues with articles they enjoy the most. Or, its the person who read a story about something that resonated with them, in one of the issues of Antique Trader, but they can't find their copy of that issue and would like to re-read it. Both examples remind us how important it is to cherish and maintain the Antique Trader archive.

With that said, we're working to make available as many issues of Antique Trader published in the last few years, in a digital format. At our online bookstore, you'll find all of the 2014 issues of Antique Trader, through the July 9 issue, with more to come as they are published; along with several downloadable issues of Antique Trader from 2013, 2012 and 2011. As I said, we're in the process of ensuring that all of the issues from those years are available for purchase in a digital format, just $2.00 each (sale price is being added soon for issues after 2014).

Learn about subscribing to Antique Trader magazine for one year, for just $1 per print issue, and less for digital issues!


We encourage you to check out the Antique Trader digital archive, to we invite you to let us know what you think about what you see in the pages of the magazine, and what topics you'd like us to consider exploring in Antique Trader.

Be well fellow collectors,

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