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Crystallized gold on quartz specimen may bring $40K

A specimen of crystalized gold on quartz mined from the Sixteen to One Gold Mine in California is pegged to command at least $40,000, during Heritage Auctions' June 2 Nature & Science Signature Auction.
Crystalized gold on quartz

Crystalized gold on quartz specimen, mined in the legendary Sixteen to One Gold Mine in California, may command upwards of $40,000 at auction, June 2. (All photos courtesy Heritage Auctions)

DALLAS – A specimen of Crystallized Gold on Quartz, hailing from the renowned Sixteen to One Gold Mine in California – America’s most famous gold mine, known for the quality specimens that have been mined from it since the late 1800s – is expected to bring at least $40,000 during Heritage Auctions’ June 2 Nature & Science Signature Auction at the company Arts District Annex, 1518 Slocum Street, in Dallas.

It is accompanied at the top of the auction by a 32.39 carat Tanzanite, which appears as blue, violet and burgundy depending on its orientation and lighting, which may bring more than $30,000, along with a museum quality 32-pound polished Turquoise nugget from Sonora, Mexico, carrying a pre-auction estimate of at least $25,000.

“The hallmark of this auction is variety,” said Craig Kissick, director of Nature & Science at Heritage Auctions. “We’ve curated this auction to appeal not only to Nature & Science collectors at every level of the hobby, but also specifically with decorative pieces that should appeal to designers as well as those with an appreciation for interior décor. I imagine that anyone that looks through this catalog will find something they want.”

Meteorites are always an important staple of Heritage Nature & Science auctions and the June 2 event features a wide array of specimens, including a Seymchan Meteorite End Cut Pallasite, polished to reveal the diagnostic latticework Widmanstätten pattern on the smooth face. It carries an estimate of $15,000. Among the many intriguin ancient fossils featured in the auction a dramatic Trilobite Fossil, more than a foot in size – and sourced from Oldenburg, Indiana – provides a prehistoric anchor with a $15,000 estimate.

Among the other highlights in the auction, an “Apache” Agate from Nuevo Casa Grandes in Chihuahua, Mexico, is already creating buzz among collectors. These rare mineral specimens come exclusively from a remote village in Mexico and are coveted by elite collectors. This specimen, measuring 10.75 by 9.06 by 9.45 inches, has a low estimate of $10,000.

An 18-inch Gem Ammonite in Matrix, straight from the Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada, is also expected to bring a minimum of $25,000.

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