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First time 'Roadshow' viewpoint

During her Antiques Roadshow experience, Antique Trader subscriber Vikki Eilts spoke with two people who were enjoying their first Roadshow tour stop.

Vikki Eilts

When Ron and Deb were offered tickets to the Antiques Roadshow event in Omaha, NE this year, they readily accepted. The event was to take place only two weeks after they received their tickets, so the anticipation was rapidly building.

Roadshow set up

The hustle and bustle of the set up process at Antiques Roadshow.

As the time finally arrived, they each had their items ready to make the walk through the doors. I met them at the entrance to help them navigate at first and was curious to hear their impression. After receiving their category tickets at the triage area, I asked each of them for one word that would describe what they were feeling.

Deb told me she was “excited”, Ron said he felt “overwhelmed”. We made plans to meet after the event so I could find out more about their “first time.”

In sitting at their kitchen table, I had a few questions for each of them.

First I asked Deb what was the most exciting part of her Roadshow experience. She said that it was the time they first entered the large area, after triage, where people lined up to get their items appraised before entering the appraisal and filming center. She saw so many things and saw the actual filming. “Wow, this is really it!” about summed it up.

The most exciting part for Ron was seeing in person the appraisers he saw on TV, actually recognizing them.

Was it what you expected, I asked.

No, Deb said, especially when you got to the inner appraisal and filming area. She though it was would be more personal and not so fast. It surprised her the appraisals were
over so quick, it seemed more personal on TV.

Ron thought it was a far bigger area than expected on TV it looked small. He was surprised with the category and backdrop walls, how large they were. He had thought the appraisals were all given in small areas like conference rooms.

My next question was, 'Were they happy with their appraisal information?'

Deb was very happy; she had learned information on a cup and saucer she had brought. It had been in the family but little was known. Ron had brought pocket watches and was especially happy to hear the information gleaned from the appraiser.

Since I had them each give me one word to describe their feeling before the event, I now asked for one word to describe their experience after it. Deb said “amazed.” Ron gave me two; “surprised” and “organized.”

For my last question, I was wondering what advice they would tell others who would like to attend Antiques Roadshow. Deb’s answer was “to get an early time (entrance) ticket, if possible.” Ron said “ to take small items that you can comfortably carry.”

There you have it, a first-timer Antiques Roadshow experience in a nutshell. I think it is safe to say that, for Deb and Ron, it was a never-to-be-forgotten day.

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