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Four-day sale offers more than 10,000 firearms

Rock Island Auction Co.'s Regional February Firearms Auction, Feb. 15-18, is a 'who's who' of antique and collectible firearms, with more than 10,000 examples set to sell.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — In recent years, the Regional Firearms Auctions at Rock Island Auction Company have become colossal four-day events. The first regional auction of 2018 will continue that trend Feb. 15-18. More than 10,000 antique, vintage, and collectible firearms and related accessories will cross the auction block.

Winchester Deluxe Model 1873 firearm

Special Order Winchester Deluxe Model 1873 lever action rifle, includes the factory letter confirming receipt of the rifle in the warehouse on Nov. 22, 1883 and shipped the same day. ($16,000-$25,000)

Lots Represent Variety of Antique and Collectible Firearms

This event will host a wide range of collectible arms, military weapons, sporting arms, self-defense guns, hunting pieces, knives, daggers, uniforms, books, ammo, and more.

Every single gun in the auction is on display for people to pick up, touch, inspect, shoulder, and aim. Furthermore, people have taken to calling it “The Museum You Can Touch.” Only in this museum, everything can depart with the winning bidders.

In addition, sometimes it’s hard to put “over 10,000 guns” in perspective. It’s a staggering amount of firearms.

Storied Winchester Firearms Leading Selection

In addition, for anyone with an appreciation for a specific brand, here is a partial view of the sheer number of

DWM Luger semi-automatic carbine

Custom gold inlaid DWM Luger semi-automatic carbine with stock, case, and accessories, circa 1902; carrying an estimate of $14,000 to $22,500.

firearms available for bid:
• More than 1,260 Winchesters
• 830-plus Colts
• More than 600 Smith & Wessons
• 500-plus Remingtons.All told, firearms from more than 900 different makers will be presented for sale.

For more information, visit, call 800-238-8022, or email

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