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Talkin' 'Tiques with Antique Trader Price Guide editor

Eric Bradley, the man behind the Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2014 Price Guide, dishes on the inspiration for new categories, his favorite features, and market surprises, in an exclusive Q&A.

Every year there is something new to learn and appreciate about the antiques and collectibles marketplace, and every year those things are part of the inspiration driving the organization of the top selling price guide to antiques and collectibles. Here you'll get the inside scoop straight from the editor of Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2014 Price Guide, Eric Bradley, a public relations specialist at Heritage Auctions.

Eric Bradley

Antique Trader:In your mind, what makes the 2014 edition of the Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide stand out among all other editions?

Eric Bradley: Three words: More. More. More. This edition has more features, more fresh photos of what collectors are buying in the marketplace and more real world information to help dealers and collectors buy, sell and trade more effectively. This edition pays special attention to growing categories, such as smalls and certain segments of the fine art market, as well as the always popular glass section of the book, which in my opinion is the finest it’s ever been.

AT:What was your inspiration for adding so many new categories?

EB: We are lucky to be living in an era when so many fantastic collections are coming to market. We always knew these objects were out there – somewhere – but when a fresh-to-market collection is released, the urge to add them to the book is irresistible. For instance, the category on transistor radios makes you look at them in a different light and appreciate their design and ingenuity. The collecting world is large and diverse and each edition is a fresh opportunity to spotlight another interesting corner of that world.

AT:What were the categories that surprised you with their uptick in results?

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EB: The market for advertising signs is red hot. We’re seeing records set every six months or so across a variety of subjects and forms. It probably relates back to exceptional collections coming to market, but bidders are really going the extra mile to acquire top condition. Interest in glass seems to be increasing, as well. The market for fine and elegant glassware continues to be strong and deliver strong prices at auction. Whenever a segment dips it only invites more attention from new collectors, which makes it bounce back up again.

AT:What are your favorite new features in this edition?

EB: Advertising, country store, glass, furniture, firearms and features such as Ten Things You Didn’t Know. The features are informative and fun to read … and who doesn’t like some trivia to accompany 4,500 photos of fantastic objects?

AT:How has your perspective from working at Heritage Auctions been beneficial for the Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide?

EB: The level of knowledge and respect for the history of precious objects is measured in decades at Heritage Auctions. The diversity of items we manage on an annual basis makes every day like a little slice of Christmas. One day you may get to see and learn about Francis Crick’s Nobel Prize medal for the discovery of the helical structure of DNA and another you may get to work with a collector such as Maggie Thompson, whose life work has left an indelible mark on American pop culture.


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