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Monumental chargers selling without reserve

A pair of vintage palace chargers of unequaled size, will headline the cloisonné offerings in Woody Auction's Dec. 3 eclectic auction.
Native American rug

60 inch by 50 inch Native American rug with multi-color design.

DOUGLASS, Kan. – A large and diverse antique auction featuring massive, single-owner collections are coming before bidders. Native American items, cast iron toys, art glass, cloisonné and unequaled chargers will all come up for bid Saturday, Dec. 3 at Woody Auction, 120 East 3rd St., Douglass, Kansas. The auction starts at 9:30 a.m. Central time. Internet bidding will be provided by

Three major collections will headline the sale. The first features Native American objects, Toys carry Christmas Wishes auction to $2.75Mcast iron toys and art glass. The second is an outstanding art glass collection; and the third is a remarkable collection of cloisonné, with a pair of significant vintage chargers. This is a no-reserve sale.

“This exciting auction pulls together many top-quality items from a wide range of interests,” said Jason Woody of Woody Auction. Horsehair prison art bridles, authentic Native American wool blankets and beaded items, are among the items mentioned. In addition, bidders will see original vintage cast iron toys, Tiffany art glass, and sterling silver flatware sets. The entire catalog may be viewed online at

Authentic Beading Garments and Accessories On Offer

Fans of Native American collectibles will have much to choose from. Lots include an authentic beaded Sioux Indian vest boasting exceptional detail and quality; a genuine Northern Plains Crow Indian-style beaded pistol holder with colorful “Snake Clan” motif and quality white beading; and a 60 inch by 50 inch Native American rug with multi-color design.

A Northern Plains beaded document bag with an actual swastika design in the beading and silver and leather fringe, set in a modern shadowbox frame is listed. In addition, a Native American beaded pipe bag, 18 inches tall; a pair of beaded Indian moccasins with colorful designs; and a pair of olla pots, one a large 16 inch by 16 inch pot with four figural animal head openings and a classic leaf with checkerboard design, the other a cinched Zia Tribe olla pot with bird and floral design.

Exceptional Palace Chargers Expected to Prompt Bidding Battle

The cloisonné category is led by a massive pair of 40-pound vintage palace chargers, each one 36

Vintage palace chargers

Massive pair of vintage palace chargers, each one 36 inches in diameter, featuring a beautiful blue background with colorful bamboo, floral, butterfly and bird motif. (All photos courtesy Woody Auction)

inches in diameter. Each features a vibrant blue background with colorful bamboo, floral, butterfly and bird motif. From Louis Comfort Tiffany is an art glass vase, 11 ¼ inches tall, bulbous form with a long neck and white background with feather design.

Lamps and lighting will feature a rare, 14-inch signed Tiffany art glass Arabian-style boudoir lamp with caramel and gold iridescent conical shade and a pattern-matched and electrified base; and an all original 23 inch by 18 inch marked Handel reverse painted table lamp, design #6874, with a tropical bird scene décor and a bronze base with embossed floral design.

A few other expected top performers include a 268-piece sterling silver Reed & Barton flatware set in the Francis I pattern, housed in a mahogany chest with two drawers and a total silver weight of 12,210 grams; a marked KPM porcelain plaque with a scene of a young woman seated on a marble throne, 13 inches by 7 3/4 inches (less the carved gilt wooden frame); and vintage cast iron toys, to include a fire wagon with two horses and nice yellow paint, and a fire patrol wagon with two horses and nice paint.

For more information, contact Woody Auction at 316-747-2694 or, or visit

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