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Picker's List: Replacing slag glass tea cup will complete vintage set

Just as a mid-1930s tea set represents many sweet memories for its original owner, she hopes asking for a replacement for a missing slag glass would lead to being able to pass on a complete tea set to the next generation, to create their own special memories. Learn more about this and other recent Antique Trader Picker's List requests.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were right on with their song "With a Little Help from My Friends." I mean, how many times have you spotted something at a flea market, auction, antiques show, rummage sale, that would be a great addition to a friend's collection or is the very thing a family member has been looking for, forever?
Getting by with a little help from our friends, is what it's all about sometimes. With that, subscribers of Antique Trader have the opportunity to call on fellow collectors to help locate items they're after through the Picker's List column.

Below are the latest Picker's List inquiries...

A gift from Santa in the mid-1930s, my agate children’s “tea set” needs to move on to the next several generations, but sadly, a cup is missing and I can’t seem to recollect why or when it went missing. I am hoping the Picker’s List might help me ready the set for its next years of ownership and fun.


The set was manufactured by The Akro Agate Co., Clarksburg, West Virginia, as the “Little American Maid Tea Set,” but Santa delivered it to my Tomahawk, Wisconsin, address.

The cup is this intense yellow/green color with the wine colored marbling. The cup is 2 1/2 inches across the top, and 1 1/2 inches tall. The bottom of the cup measures just under an inch, and the handle is 7/8 inches at the cup portion.

I have noticed a cup or two and maybe a covered teapot at shops and sales, but usually in the solid pastel glass. So, this suggests that, like me, the sets are part of the family being sent on, or being glass, they had a shorter life span. Hopefully there will be one (or two) out there.

— M.P.
Tomahawk, Wisconsin


Thank you for having the Picker’s List.
I am looking for the pictured Christmas Glolite tree. I have the green and the white variation. I am looking for the red tree.
I enjoy collecting vintage Christmas lighting and have for the past 10 years.
— P.D.
Martinsburg, WV



I have been collecting antique hand tools for 17 years and have found only three that are marked Occupied Japan in that time.
I am a Korean War veteran and was stationed in Japan when it was occupied. I would enjoy hearing from others who collect or have information about Occupied Japan hand tools.
Thank you.
— E.Y.
Mildford, Indiana

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