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Rock star's music memorabilia coming to auction

Glittery vintage platform shoes, an uncommon Chickering concert piano, concert-used instruments, all from the collection Brad Delp, former lead singer of the band Boston, is coming up for auction.

BOSTON, Mass. – Musical memorabilia and equipment of Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, is coming to auction. The items are among the lots in The Marvels of Modern Music auction, which is being presented by RR Auction.

Prized Piano Up For Bid

Brad Delp was an American singer and songwriter. His notability lies as the lead vocalist of the rock bands Boston and RTZ. In addition, his side project Beatlejuice is an homage to The Beatles. A Massachusetts native, his residence included New Hampshire for a portion of his life. Delp joined Boston in 1970 and the band rocketed to stardom on his soaring vocals and timeless lyrics. Their self-titled debut album, released on August 25, 1976, ranks as one of the best-selling debut albums in U.S. history. Furthermore, more than 17 million copies sold and it went platinum.

Enjoy a clip of the late Delp and Boston....

The collection coming to auction includes instruments Delp used, including guitars and his piano. The 1873 Chickering concert grand piano with a full 88 keys, made of beautiful hand-carved South American rosewood with ivory keys, complete with its ornately carved music rack.

Piano's Keys Adds Uniqueness

Chickering concert piano

An 1873 Chickering concert grand piano with a full 88 keys (unusual for that time) that was owned and played by Brad Delp. It carries an estimate of $50,000 into the auction. (All photos courtesy of RR Auction)

This is one of the finest pianos of its time. Only a few other pianos feature a full 88 keys—comparable Steinways of the era had only 85 keys due to technical limitations. Chickering, a Boston-based piano maker, was able to design a case that supported the weight of a full 88-key soundboard—hence the huge, elegantly hand-carved legs crafted from sturdy rosewood.

The Chickering concert grand became the preferred piano of greats like Franz Liszt and Louis Gottschalk, who played them while touring the United States. Furthermore, this fine musical instrument appears on Delp’s cover of ‘The Great Pretender.’

“It’s an exceptionally desirable instrument in its own right, this piano is made even more remarkable by its association with a popular music legend,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction. “We're honored Brad’s Family chose RR Auction to curate this first-ever offering of his memorabilia.”

Additional Highlights From Delp's Collection

• Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 electric guitar.

— Delp's personal notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics that show the

Glitter platform shoes

Glitter platform shoes owned and worn by Brad Delp in the 1970s. ($1,000+ estimate).

creative process behind "Rockin' Away" and other songs.

• Glittery platform shoes. Straight out of the '70s.

— Reference acetate for the iconic 'More Than a Feeling.’ 

• One-of-a-kind collection of home movies and candid photographs from Boston's 1979 tour of Japan, consisting of 44 rolls of Super 8 video tape (33 of which remain in their Kodak boxes.)

— Delp's eclectic record collection.

In conclusion, the Marvels of Modern Music Auction from RR Auction will begin on December 7 and conclude on December 14. More details can be found online at