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Weathervanes, folk art headlining Americana auction

Following more than sixty years amassing and appreciating antiques and objects of Americana, Roland and Marilyn Kemble will present their collection for sale through Pook & Pook, Jan. 12-13.

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. -- Pook & Pook is ringing in the New Year with a single owner Americana auction, Jan. 12-13.

Roland and Marilyn Kemble spent six decades selecting and acquiring pieces for their collection from the most prominent of Americana. They have now decided, in their words “amid both tears and great delight”, to present this private collection at auction. The first session of the auction will begin in the evening of January 12 and the second the following morning on January 13.

Years of Acquisition Representing at Americana Auction

In the early 1960’s, as newlyweds, and before settling in Ohio from the Bowling Green area of Western Kentucky, the Kembles had already begun the surprisingly mysterious, immensely rewarding, and often arduous path of collecting and selling country, folk and other legacy American treasures throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states; a calling that would happily consume nearly all of their abundant and cherished lives together.

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The years that followed their marriage were a whirlwind combination of school teaching, shop keeping, and the raising of three children. Furthermore, their path followed and featured Roland’s diligent searches ever further into Pennsylvania, New York and New England. This passion fed both their own home collection of period pieces, as well as their shop, supplying the high-quality 18th century Americana that was in growing demand from their discerning groups of friends and clients. Stretching from Maine to New York, throughout Ohio and D.C. and even Southern Florida, the Kembles were proud to assist a great many collectors in building what they felt were some of the best private assemblages of fine American antiquities.

Living With the Past in the Present

In 1971, the couple bought an original tree farm in Norwich, Ohio that contained a well-distressed 1837 farmhouse. Over the next many years, they poured their hearts into the thoughtful and authentic restoration of the home and acreage, as well as the development and dedication of a thirteen-room gallery on those same premises. In addition, the goal of all of this was the bringing together of a storied past into the living present.

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For the next forty plus years together, Roland and Marilyn spent nearly every waking minute working on their home and showrooms, and on establishing a well-known presence at many of the best showings throughout New England, Pennsylvania and the MidWest.

The Kembles see theirs as a tremendous opportunity to pay homage to the past. In their words, “to caress old surfaces and admire a piece’s genuine craftsmanship. To experience the great presence of their makers. We feel strongly that this is ultimately what binds all fine collectors together.”

Their hope in offering their private collection up for auction is that this love of antiques will carry on with new owners. In addition, that the new owners will see in each of these pieces the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the past.

Americana Auction Celebrates Experiences

The Kembles believe strongly in the opportunity to appreciate important parts of our diverse and celebrated American heritage. After sixty years in the field of antiques, they have decided to sell their collection. Their decision is about being able to witness this transition during their lifetimes. Furthermore, they hope that these items will bring great beauty and enjoyment in their new homes.

In Marilyn’s words, “it has been our tremendous pleasure to work among the finest scholars, collectors, and enthusiasts in the field of fine American decorative arts. We feel so very honored at having been present and allowed to participate (in this). It is our dearest hope that this preserve will continue toward its full measure for the future. We consider ourselves blessed beyond measure.”

The exhibition for this auction begins on January 6 at Pook & Pook’s gallery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. A special reception will be held on Friday, January 12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (rsvp to followed by the start of the first auction session. The second session of the auction will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, January 13. The online exhibition is available now at Finally, all online bidding for this sale can be found on Bidsquare at

For more information, please go to or call 610-269-4040.

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