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8 premiere presidential and political lots to watch

Did you know Teddy Roosevelt's journeys are the subject of a vintage board game? Or, that Abraham Lincoln helped change the 'face of presidential campaigning'? These are just a couple of the fascinating facts represented by objects in Heritage Auctions' Feb. 24 political memorabilia auction.

Every time a storied collection of antiques or collectibles comes to auction it’s a multi-faceted moment in history. For one thing, it marks a changing of the guard, as it were. New stewards gladly take on management and preservation of cherished objects. For another, it creates a platform for public discussion, exploration, and admiration of objects that represent events, characters, and experiences. They may impact a significant number of people, or have a tremendous impact on only a few. Finally, when these sales take place, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect. To reflect on what was, what is, and what may be.

Showcase of Political Memorabilia

Such a moment is poised to take place Feb. 24, during Heritage Auctions’ presentation of Part II of the David and Janice Frent Collection of Political & Presidential Memorabilia auction. The sale is one of eight auctions featuring the legendary landmark Frent collection. With banners, campaign flags, pin backs, tokens, inaugural buttons, and other campaign memorabilia coming before bidders, the auction is garnering much attention. With that, here are eight of the 658 lots in this auction, that are ones to watch.


All photos courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

This 1864 jugate silk Lincoln and Johnson campaign ribbon is an example of the impact and importance of condition. As the catalog description states, only two other examples have been seen by the Heritage Auctions team. Both presented with significant issues involving condition. It measures 2.875 x 7.875 inches.

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This crossover collectible appeals to both political collectors and those with a fascination with antique toys and puzzles.The metal disc of this game features a lithographed tin jugate portraits of the 1904 Republicans Roosevelt and Fairbanks, and it is titled “Presidential Puzzle Where are the Winners? On Top Of Course.” It is extremely rare and measures 2 ¼ inches.

Legendary Lincoln

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The 1860 election saw candidate Abraham Lincoln change the ‘face’ of political campaigning. This portrait of Lincoln is the “Cooper Union” pose, referencing the time Lincoln sat for portrait photographer Mathew Brady after giving a speech at Cooper Union Institute in New York. At the time he was one of the people aspiring to earn the Republican presidential nomination.

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Another item from the history-making 1860 presidential campaign is this uncommon colorful jugate wall chart campaign poster, hand-colored paper on linen backing, depicting the portraits of Douglas and Johnson, representing the National Democratic Party in the election. This type of wall chart poster became popular in the second half of the 19th century.

Cool Campaign Collectibles

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This is the sentiment that appears on this scarce “Ship of State” silk campaign flag from 1844: “She will founder, unless with true patriot zeal, we get rid of the lubber who stands at the wheel. We’ll take a new pilot whose heart is true blue, And such shall we find in our Harry the true.”

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This unique variety of an inaugural silvered copper George Washington button is lot #43010, and is coming before bidders during the sale.

Uncommon Presidential Board Game

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This board game, patented in 1899, contains a thick round cardboard disc with a spinner, destinations on the board of play document places along Teddy Roosevelt’s historic ride from Oyster Bay to Albany.

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A ‘Peace, Plenty and Independence’ transfer James Madison, Liverpool pitcher by Herculaneum Pottery Company, with an image of an eagle with thirteen stars, measuring 7 ¾ inches tall.

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