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Altimeter table clock the sum of function and style

Presentation, packaging, and performance of Altimeter table clock make the grade for Things We Love.

By Karen Knapstein

The Altimeter Table Clock by Pendulux (; $99) arrived in tip-top shape after I requested

Altimeter Table clock

Altimeter Table Clock by Pendulux, $99. Available at,, and other fine retailers.

one for a product review. It was securely double-boxed with kraft paper packed between the inner and outer boxes. Inside, the clock was nestled within a sturdy, fitted plastic foam form, allowing no movement during shipping, holding the clock secure.

The catalog describes the Altimeter table clock as: “Based on altimeters from WWII aircraft with its stout brass screws and rugged shape, this clock brings fighter pilot precision to your desk.”

The clock has a smoothly finished solid cast metal body. You unscrew the back to easily access the clockworks to install/change the battery and set the time. (It takes one AA battery.) The pieces fit together nicely with no slack or play, indicating quality manufacturing.

Accents, Storage, Style Make Altimeter Table Clock A Great Find

The clock has brass accents (bolts, bezel, and foot) that contrast nicely with the matte black finish of the clock housing.

This stylish clock looks more complicated than it actually is. It’s a vintage-looking face with a modern movement. The one thing I would have liked to see is a second hand, which would have given the clock a more dynamic feel.

An added bonus in the design: There is even plenty of space inside to hide small objects, such as emergency cash, keys, or even flash drives or memory sticks. Just don’t forget where you put them!

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