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From the Editor: Celebrating the gift of community

In so many aspects of life, we are all part of communities. Within many of those communities exists the opportunities to grow as an individual and contribute to the greater good, simply by participating. During this holiday season, the editors of Antique Trader offer thanks for all who are part of this community.

With just mere days left in this year, we want to wish everyone good tidings and our hopes for a glorious holiday and a positive start to the New Year.

We also want to thank you for choosing to be part of the Antique Trader community, and joining us on this journey. Your participation in this magazine is a gift to all of us. Whether you attended an auction or show that you saw advertised in the pages of the magazine; submitted a letter to the editor, an inquiry to the Picker’s List or Ask the Experts; participated in contests, the Readers’ Advisory Board or Ambassador Program; contacted us with suggestions for articles, concerns or issues you’ve encountered in regards to what you’ve seen in the magazine; ordered books we’ve promoted; or enjoyed each issue and perhaps shared your copy with others, we extend our sincere thanks to you. As we’ve said before: We do what we do for you.

Given some of the things that have occurred in the world this last year, the sentiment of being dominated by “dark days” seems to be present a lot. Although that sentiment is not without good reason, I do believe what we share in this community of collectors/historians/business owners/creative souls has the potential to bring genuine light and goodness into all of our lives and the world around us. That’s not to say it is going to completely eradicate the darkness, but there’s no question that encouragement of one another, sharing of knowledge and experiences, unified appreciation for days gone by and the preservation and celebration of pieces of the past is a positive force.


We invite you to join us for another year of features and auction previews that inspire; columns, news and events that inform; and special sections that entertain. Plus, some exciting new elements will be unveiled in 2016. This is the last issue of the year, and the first issue of 2016 is the Jan. 20 edition. In the meantime, we will be working on the exciting new features I mentioned, and spending time with family and friends. As always, feel free to drop us a line, send an email or give us a call anytime. We love to hear from you!

Be well and be merry,
Editors Antoinette and Karen

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