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From the Editor: Never too old, too busy or too proud to learn

The team of Antique Trader doesn't subscribe to the idea that there comes a time when we no longer can benefit from learning new things. In the Sept. 30, 2015 edition demonstrates the diversity of things there are to learn about and benefit from knowing.

Happy Autumn!
It seems hard to believe, but there are only about 13 weeks left in this year. My sweet ‘n’ sassy little Irish grandmother used to say, “Time always seems to fly, just when you figure out how to make good use of it.” I didn’t understand that sentiment when I was a child, but I get it now. Boy, do I ever.

I know I’ve said it many times before, but when it comes to this magazine and our readers, it’s the truest statement I

Antique Trader Sept. 30, 2015

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can make: Your opinion matters, and your participation in this magazine matters. We do what we do, for you. We learn from one another. Which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best things about the antiques and collectibles community.

We think the cover story in this issue — an exclusive excerpt on designer handbags from Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2015 — is a good example of learning from one another. Although collecting handbags may leave some scratching their heads in wonder, we think this article, which cites luxury goods specialist Matt Rubinger, does a good job explaining the themes and passion behind collecting designer handbags. After reading the article, you may or may not give more thought to investing in handbags; but we hope you’ll feel more informed on the topic, and energized by the opportunity to learn something new.

Speaking of learning from one another, in the Sept. 30, 2015 edition the Readers' Letters page contains reader responses to an item that recently appeared in the Ask the Experts column. The readers weighed in on the identity of an item original identified as a cast iron talisman, but in actuality are "Yellow Kid Cap Bombs." One of the readers graciously provided photos of her collection of cap bombs, which helped all of us have a better understanding of this item. Although accuracy is primary in every effort we make, from time to time mistakes are made, and we aim to act quickly to provide the correct information. We appreciate the feedback from our readers, and the willingness to help all of us learn together.

Also in this edition, our prolific Behind the Gavel columnist, Wayne Jordan, discusses refund policies, specifically those related to online selling. In his column, Wayne illustrates how cooperating with the refund policies of prominent online selling site, eBay, may increase sales overall, but may not necessarily cause a bump in profits. We also chat with the 'Toy Lady of Fortville' Phyllis Baskerville, who is looking to find a new home for her extensive (nearly 10,000 items) doll and toy museum collection. We get the story behind the development of this collection, and ultimately the museum, and the decision to now look for a new owner for the whole thing.

In addition to these and many other features and columns, the Sept. 30 edition contains auction and antique show previews and post-auction results, an extensive events calendar, and advertising from a host of businesses in the antiques and collectibles community. Plus, It is the last call for entry submissions to the 7th Annual Favorite Finds Contest. Thank you to everyone who submitted stories; we are looking forward to reading them all. The deadline is now, so if you want to see your story published, and have the opportunity to win a $500 auction credit from contest sponsor Heritage Auctions, submit your story today. The best route would be to email your story and photos to

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