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Single-lot photos documenting Titanic survivor rescue tops $45K

A photo album with 29 pages of photographs taken from the RMS Carpathia following the Titanic disaster of 1912 sold for more than $45,000.

Photographic documentation of a couple's 1912 ocean voyage on the RMS Carpathia is in the hands of a new owner. This following the recent sale of an album with more than 500 photos. Among the photos in the album are those documenting the rescue of survivors of the Titanic disaster.

The album is one of the lots to sell during RR Auction's October 2017 Remarkable Rarities Auction. The album sold for $45,353.

Rare Documentation of Titanic

Enjoy some of the photos related to the rescue following the Titanic disaster and moments on the RMS Carpathia:

Titanic lifeboat with Molly Brown

Lightoller launched Boat 6 at 1:10; it was photographed as it approached Carpathia. It revealed to have 28 people aboard, though it had a capacity of 65. Denver millionairess Margaret "Molly" Brown was among lifeboat number 6's most prominent occupants. Joining her were Washington, D.C. writer and feminist Helen Churchill Candee, and English suffragettes Edith Bowerman and her mother Mrs. Edith Chibnall. Brown did not board voluntarily but was picked up by a crewman and dropped bodily into the boat as it was being lowered. (All photos by Louis M. Ogden)

Visual Archive 

Photos of SS Californian coming to area of Titanic disaster

One of 29 photo album pages with photos taken during the rescue of Titanic survivors. The section features photos documenting the late arrival of the SS Californian, the approach and rescue of Titanic emergency lifeboats 1, 6, and 14, and an assemblage of 11 photos of icebergs.

Iceberg in ocean of Titanic area

A photo that captures what appears to be an iceberg, one that Ogden has decreed “The berg the Titanic struck, taken at sunrise” in a notation on the album page.

Views From the Carpathia

Views around the Caparthia

Photos of people and views aboard the RMS Carpathia, taken in 1911 and 1912.

RMS Carpathia

The first vessel to respond to and discover the lifeboats of the Titanic in the early hours of April 15th, the RMS Carpathia cautiously navigated through ice fields en route to its rescue of 705 survivors. 

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