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Prepping for National Postcard Week 2017

It's that time of year again to celebrate postcards. If you've ever admired a postcards you know how much there is to celebrate. This year, why not join Antique Trader in celebrating National Postcard Week?

Antoinette Rahn

Are you or someone you know a deltiologist? If so, we applaud you, especially with the rapid approach of National Postcard Week (NPW). Deltiologists (one who collects and studies postcards) have been celebrating this collecting interest as far back as the early 20th century, according to the National Postcard Week site.

Join Us in Celebrating National Postcard Week

2017 National Postcard Week postcard

Participate in NPW by receiving this postcard from Antique Trader. Plus, more opportunities listed at (Illustration by Sandi Carpenter)

There have been various incarnations of special events focused on promoting postcards. The current National Postcard Week dates to 1984. This year the celebration will take place May 7-13.

As we’re sure you can tell, we love postcards. We are participating in National Postcard Week, by creating our own Antique Trader postcard. What do you think? Our in-house postcard enthusiast (Karen Knapstein) and designer (Sandi Carpenter) teamed up to create this year’s postcard.

In honor of National Postcard Week, we would love to trade our limited edition postcard for one you send us. Please send your postcards to Antique Trader Editors, 700 E State St, Iola WI 54990. We will publish images of the postcards we receive, just as in years past, for all to enjoy.

• List National Postcard Week and the date on the postcard.

• If you are a member of a postcard club, include the name of the club as well as your name and mailing address.

• Autograph your postcard. Using your first name only is acceptable. However, we ask you please include your full name somewhere — so we can return the favor with the 2017 Antique Trader National Postcard Week postcard (shown above).

If you’re feeling creative and want to participate in the NPW experience, you can join Team Trader and many other deltiologists who design and make their own postcards. To learn more about this and opportunities for participating in NPW trading, visit *For postcard inspiration, we recommend visiting the NPW site’s photo gallery: Amazing!