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Life-size fiberglass cow headlining online-only auction Dec. 13

Collector and accomplished woodworker John Rexroad's acquisition of eclectic objects is one of his life passions, and come Dec. 13 Pook & Pook is giving bidders the chance to own some of these unique items.

It’s not every day a life size fiberglass cow and Abraham Lincoln’s signature appear in the same auction. Or a Hadrosaur dinosaur egg, and a New England Queen Anne tall chest, for that matter.

On December 13, Pook & Pook is going to do just that during The Eclectic Collection of John Rexroad of Madison, Connecticut. The sale features more than 300 lots of antique furniture, fine art, clocks, and petrified objects. Along with Native American items, ceramics, famous signatures, WWII posters, textiles, and trade signs, among other items.

The online only auction will take place on Bidsquare starting at 9 a.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, December 13.

Dinosaur Eggs to a Fiberglass Cow Star in Collection

Life-size ceramic cow in a top hat

This ceramic cow, dressed to the nines, is life-size and a statement piece to be sure. It is one of more than 300 lots from the Collection of John Rexroad coming to bidders in the Dec. 13 online-only auction. (All photos courtesy Pook & Pook, Inc.)

John Rexroad was born into the field of antiques. Collecting art and antiques has been with him for his entire life. As a child John was surrounded by historic artifacts and art collected by his grandparents during their world travels. John’s passion for collecting evolved throughout his life into a pursuit of both early antiquities and the rare and unique. He cultivated a passion to not just know history, but to touch it. It is that feeling of feeling and being part of history he hopes to pass along through these artifacts.

He's the son of a cabinetmaker and grandson to a master clockmaker and restorer. He began learning woodworking at the young age of eight. His grandfather taught him the importance of finishes, form, and style as well as the importance of preserving the past. His father passed on his gift for furniture building. As a teenager, John built and restored clocks and antiques. Throughout his life he has continued to refine his woodworking skills, getting better and better each year. He refined his craftmanship to the point that he was able to create exquisite replicas of authentic 18th c. pieces.

Masterful Cabinet On Offer

One such piece based on the work of 18th c. cabinet maker Eliphalet Chapin was featured in the museum of the Connecticut Historical Society in their 2012 exhibit titled A Tradition of Craft: Current Works by the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. When asked why he chose to emulate Chapin, Rexroad said he “…found Chapin's methods and balance of the design interesting. His use of negative space is as important as the spaces where the wood remains.” Throughout his life John became friends with and worked alongside some of the greatest master woodworkers, learning various methods, learning about balance. He became a lifetime member of SAPFA (Society of America Period Furniture Makers) and today his work is in the permanent collections of several museums.

While woodworking and collecting have always been his passion, John’s occupation took him in another direction. He runs Pecuda – Leading Edge, where he designed netting systems for projects such as the Washington Monument restoration, NASA’s Mars Explorer and Shuttle program, Decommissioning of the Manhattan Project, and many others. His unique netting designs are the subject of more than a dozen patents.

According to Rexroad, the collection being auctioned off on December 13th, “has surrounded me daily and provided great enjoyment in finding it as I traveled around the world. My collection is vast, eclectic, historic, and represents the workmanship and changes in time.” He has enjoyed his collection for decades, but says that like many collectors he has come to the point where one starts to think about “passing on the treasures we have collected over our lifetime.” He hopes his collection will find its way into the hands of new owners that will “both treasure having the objects and see to it that they survive for generations that follow.”

High Hopes to Benefit

John Rexroad and his wife Teri live on a farm in Madison, Connecticut. One of their passions is helping kids. John has produced a PBS special, CD, DVD, and tours for/and supported Libera, an all boy English vocal group from London. Much of John’s collection was acquired as he traveled the world in pursuit of bringing their music to the world and developing these boys into great men. John Rexroad and his family have also worked to support the efforts the High Hopes Therapeutic Riding program, whose mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding and other equine activities. As part of Mr. Rexroad’s commitment to this program, a portion of his earnings raised from the sale of this collection will be donated to High Hopes to further their mission.

For more information about this diverse collection, visit, call 610-269-4040, or email The exhibition for this auction will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 11-12. 

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