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Score great savings on references about varying interests

The shopkeeper of our online store ( didn't want to let the month of July come to a close without hosting another special sale. Plus, this time she teamed up with shopkeepers of our 'sister stores' to offer the same deal on everything from books about knitting and crocheting to astronomy and vintage cars. Learn more....

The shopkeeper of our online store ( decided she couldn’t let the month of July draw to a close without providing another opportunity to save BIG on insightful and helpful guides for collectors.


The Christmas in July saleis your chance to pick up a few books for less than the retail price of one; or perhaps score a cool value pack of antiques and collectibles references, along with another book and even add a handy Antique Trader tote bag and get the entire lot for $25 less. Now that's a pretty good deal! Whatever combination you come up with, if it’s $50 or more, we’ll take $25 off.

I like this deal for a few reasons: It's a good way to start buying holiday gifts for some family and friends — now if only I put them in a place I'll remember to retrieve them from when the holiday season rolls around. It's also nice to be able to offer our antiques and collectibles friends savings on the various books and products we assist in creating with our sister publishing group, Krause Publications. Plus, with being part of F+W, a Content + eCommerce Company we are part of a larger family of multi-media communities devoted to various interests, and many of those groups are hosting the same Christmas in July sale our shopkeeper is.

If you also enjoy any of the following interests, we invite you to visit the stores listed below between July 24 and 26 to save $25 on orders of $50 or more:
• Knitting, crocheting and beading — check out the
• Antique and vintage cars and trucks — check out the
• Gardening — check out
• Collecting coins and paper money — check out
• Astronomy — check out
• Genealogy — check out

*As with many offers, there are some exceptions. Magazine subscriptions are not eligible for this offer, and other products as identified by each store.

Swing by and/or all of the 'sister stores' listed above today through the weekend and pick up some references that are sure to entertain, as well as expand your expertise of various interests.