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Unique Connections: Art, Antiques & Nachos

Piedras Negras, Mexico is reportedly the place where nachos originated, but that's not all. Unique connections exist between art, antiquities and nachos.

Whether you are a fan of nachos, or a well-versed ‘foodie’ nachos are popular dining choices. Or, if someone with an interest in Southwestern art and antiquities, National Nachos Day (Nov. 6) holds something special for you.

I’m sure that may seem like an absurd statement, nachos and art sharing common ground, but it’s true. Their unique and perhaps unlikely connection is the small Mexican town of Piedras Negras.

Nachos In History

As the story goes, it was during World War II and a group of women married to American soldiers stationed in Eagle Pass, Texas were enjoying a day in Piedra Negras when they stopped at a local restaurant for a meal.

The owner, Ignacio Anaya, was happy to welcome the women into his establishment. But he was without a cook at that very moment. So, as restaurateurs often do, he donned his chef’s hat and took to creating a meal. The result of his efforts was a combination of tortilla chips, cheese and jalapeno peppers, according to “The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.”

Ignacio’s creation was met with great favor by the visiting military wives, and the dish created by the man with the nickname of ‘Nacho’ got its start.

More To Piedras Negra Than Nachos

It took another couple decades before the dish began to garner wide-spread interest from diners across the U.S., but once it did, whoa boy.

Now, because I promised an unique connection between art, antiques and nachos, I’d like to introduce you to some art and antiquities to hail from the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, home to nachos and so much more.

 Photo courtesy Leighton Galleries

Photo courtesy Leighton Galleries

Above, an oil on canvas board painting with verso pencil inscription. It reads “45 -- Market Piedras Negras, Susan Ricker Knox.” The painting sold for $800 in June of 2016 through Leighton Galleries.

 Photo courtesy Rago Arts and Auction Center

Photo courtesy Rago Arts and Auction Center

Above, two Antonia Pineda Sterling & Hardstone brooches, in a warrior silhouette, circa 1945-1948, stamped Piedra Negra, realized $240 during an Aug. 2016 auction presented by Rago Arts and Auction Center.

 Photo courtesy Strawser Auction Group

Photo courtesy Strawser Auction Group

Vintage Piedras Negras Taxco sterling silver cat pendant and brooch pins and pair of earrings. The lot sold for $100 during a May 2016 auction through Strawser Auction Group.

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