Small business advice gathered over 90 years helps antiques dealers

Columnist Wayne Jordan recently had a nice chat with Chip Averwater, author of “Retail Truths, The Unconventional Wisdom of Retailing.” A retail “truth” is something that can only be discovered through experience. You can’t learn these truths in business school. Here are 10 of Jordan’s favorite retail “truths” and how they might help you improve your antiques business. Read More +

Want your antiques inventory to sell itself? Share the story behind your business

What makes some antiques so valuable? It’s the quality of the story attached to the object. Collectors love to tell stories about the items they have collected.

The better the story, the higher the items value to a collector. Stories create value (don’t confuse value with price; value is a personal issue; price is the intersection of supply and demand). Consistently and enthusiastically shared stories will help your business. Read More +