Is eBay scheme targeting American sellers?

A friend and former patient, who supplements her social security income by selling her departed husband’s collectibles on eBay was confiding in me about the troubles she recently had with Chinese buyers/schemers. She has been very happy otherwise with eBay and PayPal for the past 10 years, accumulating glowing buyers’ feedback’s and a 100 percent positive rating. Read More +

Readers’ Letters: eBay is a great way to move that dead inventory; AB 391


One reader learns how to clean out old stock by using eBay, while another wonders how California’s AB 391 will affect antiques and collectibles shops.: “I read Antique Trader from cover to cover the day it arrives and love it! I would like to comment on the Behind the Gavel article on dead inventory by Wayne Jordan. This summer I discovered a simple way to move the old stock out the door: eBay.” Read More +