Weekly Auction & Show Ads: Jan. 30 – Mar. 8

California Auctioneers

There’s nothing that compares to a good day at an auction or antiques show. Shows and auctions are some of the best places to expand one’s knowledge of antiques and collectibles, while enjoying the thrill of bidding and picking, and the selection of auction and show ads in the Jan. 21, 2015 issue of Antique Trader offers opportunities to plan for and experience upcoming auctions and shows. Read More +

Indiana’s Tri-State Antique Market records largest crowd since ’03

Sellers Hoosier

Dealers at the Tri-State Antique Market in Lawrenceburg, Ind. saw record crowds at the May 6, 2012, season opener, said promoter Bruce Metzger of Queen City Shows. After suffering rain storm after rain storm last year, the show’s 250 vendors were finally rewarded with much sun and buying customers. “When someone is carrying a bag, you don’t know if they have a $5 item or a $500 item in that bag. That’s what Lawrenceburg is about,” said promoter Bruce Metzger. Read More +

How to present your antiques inventory for a new wave of buyers


A decade or two ago, auction houses, antiques dealers and show promoters could get away with non-salesmanship. Anyone with Internet access has access to more antiques inventory than any dealer could ever hope to show — and dealers have to step up their game.

There’s more art than science behind staging and merchandising: Those who do it, do it well. Those who don’t can still learn a few rules and tricks to help the right customers discover collectibles they didn’t know they wanted. Read More +

High Texas temps bite into dealers’ sales at Fall 2011 Round Top Antiques Week


The tiny Texas town, Round Top, was again flooded with visitors for the 10 days of Texas Antiques Week with the overflow in the adjoining villages of Warrenton, Carmine and more. The heat was blamed by many exhibitors in the tented shows for slower than usual buying. The sites with air conditioning, including The Big Red Barn and Continental Tent and Carmine of The Original Round Top Antiques Fair were enjoying good sales of traditional antiques from America and Europe. Read More +

Dealers say sales are up at California’s 48th annual San Juan Bautista Antique & Collectibles Faire

Two blocks from California’s last Spanish-era Central Plaza, the San Juan Bautista Rotary Club took on the challenge of presenting the 48th Annual Antiques & Collectibles Faire, Aug. 14, 2011. Vendors said this year was better than the last two. Organizers are keeping booth rents steady but doubling the space so vendors can offer more inventory for less cost.
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