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From the Editor: Knowledge is true and lasting power

Every day, in every way, there is knowledge to be gained through experience,s and insights gleaned from observing and examining different points of reference. In the Sept. 16, 2015 edition, readers will find a tremendous number of reference points.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I came across this quote while working on an article recently, and I think it speaks to what we hope

Available 9/11/15 for $2 at

Available 9/11/15 for $2 at

this publication — and the Antique Trader community as a whole — provides to you: A great return on an investment in your expertise.

In the Sept. 16, 2015 edition of Antique Trader, popular contributor Melody Amsel-Arieli examines Capodimonte porcelain. As you’ll discover, this elegant style of porcelain is stunning, without always inflicting shock on the pocketbook.

In his Behind the Gavel column, Wayne Jordan explores the power of a good story. How many times have you found yourself spending a bit more on an antique or collectible some may consider an average, every-day item, in part because the piece has a fantastic history? I know I have. See how shaping the story of an item’s intrinsic value can be a benefit when you’re looking to sell.

Print editor Karen Knapstein shares her thoughts about a new book to the hit shelves recently: “Mangle Boards of Northern Europe.” In her review, Karen not only explains what mangle boards are, but she discusses the use of these items by various cultures. You never know, perhaps your ancestors used mangle boards often, which would make this book an interesting addition to a personal library. Speaking of new books, I invite you to check out the new antiques and collectibles references at our online store *Plus, if you use Discount Code ATPROMO you'll receive free standard shipping to U.S. addresses. Exclusions include items shipped by other vendors.

In my latest 10 Things You Didn’t Know column, I did some research into the life and work of Johannes Spitler. I was inspired by the record-setting sale of one of his blanket chests at auction recently , and through my research I discovered a captivating, if not mysterious, history surrounding this folk artist.

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